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HathiTrust Research Center Executive Management Team Adds 4 New Members

August 29, 2017

HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) is pleased to formally announce the appointment of 4 new Executive Management (ExMgt) team members: John Walsh, Harriett Green, Yu “Marie” Ma, and Eleanor Dickson.

HTRC also announces the departure of Beth Namachchivaya, and the transition of Beth Plale from HTRC ExMgt to a new advisorial role with HTRC, as both move into exciting new positions elsewhere. Congratulations and best wishes to Beth and Beth!

New Members 

John Walsh, Associate Professor of Information and Library Science at Indiana University, joins HTRC ExMgt and will also serve as Co-Director. John is a leader in the fields of Information Science and English, particularly the areas of digital and computational literary studies and cultural heritage informatics, and HTRC is excited to call upon his leadership and history of scholarship to shape and advance its goals. 

Yu “Marie” Ma, Director of Information Technology at Indiana University's Data to Insight Center,has been DevOps Manager with HTRC for a year and a half, and oversees HTRC’s technical operations. Marie brings her valuable experience in strategic planning to HTRC as part of the ExMgt team. 

Eleanor Dickson, HTRC Digital Humanities Specialist, has been with HTRC for 2 years and plays a critical role in research support, curriculum development, and general outreach. As a member of ExMgt, Eleanor will continue to bring key skills in the above areas, and will serve as the head of our outreach program to HTRC users. 

Harriett Green, Head of Scholarly Communication and Publishing at University of Illinois Library, joins HTRC ExMgt having worked closely with the Research Center for multiple years, including serving as PI on the IMLS-funded Digging Deeper, Reaching Further project. Harriett will serve as the University of Illinois Library ExMgt member, and brings her considerable digital humanities prowess to the team. 

Transitioning Members 

Beth Plale, who has served as Co-Director at IU since founding the HTRC, is joining the National Science Foundation (NSF) on loan from Indiana University as Science Advisor for Public Access, where she will advance access to data and other materials emerging from NSF-funded research. HTRC congratulates Beth on her appointment, and the chance to shape national cyberinfrastructure innovation, and looks forward to continuing its close relationship with her, as she remains with HTRC as Sr. Science Advisor.

Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, who has served as the University of Illinois Library ExMgt member since the founding of HTRC, is joining the University of Waterloo as University Librarian. All of us at HTRC are excited for the new opportunities to continue her leadership in the library field as she moves into her new role in Canada.
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