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HTRC Services v3.0 in Beta Test through Jan 30 2015

The HTRC team is pleased to announce the release of 3.0 Beta version of the HTRC system. This release features the HTRC Data Capsule and other enhancements noted below. Access the 3.0 Beta at https://htrc2.pti.indiana.edu and send your Beta comments and bugs by email to htrc-tech-help-l@list.indiana.edu by Friday Jan 30 2015.
The 3.0 release features the integration of the HTRC Data Capsule, plus a more welcoming portal, enhanced workset builder functionality and improved security features. The HTRC Data Capsule provides a secure computation and data environment for non-consumptive research. It permits analytical investigation of a corpus, e.g. copyrighted volumes, but prohibits data from leaving the capsule. Try it out at the portal and see the documentation for introduction, user guide, and tutorial.
The other notable enhancements for the 3.0 release include:
* automatically saving jobs upon completion
* corrected use of faceted search
* Single sign-on (except for Data Capsule)
* more welcoming portal UI design
We welcome community scholars to experience the 3.0 release and provide your feedback. Please send email to htrc-tech-help-l@list.indiana.edu with your comments and bugs by Friday Jan 30 2015. All feedback will receive a response from the HTRC team. Once the problems uncovered during Beta testing are resolved, a final 3.0 version will be released.
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