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August 11, 2022 - New feature: Transfer your collections to another account

Date: August 11, 2022

Ever wished you could move your personal collections to another account, such as your personal gmail or a friend's account? Now you can!  

Collection transfers can be done to move your personal collections (all of them or one at a time) to another account. For example, if you are leaving your university and wish to maintain access to your collections, you may want to move them to a new university account or a Google account. They can also be used to transfer collection ownership to a different person, for example, if you built a collection and want someone else to take over management of it. 

To transfer all of your collections, follow these steps:

  1. Log into HathiTrust with the account that owns the collections.
  2. Navigate to your list of personal collections
  3. In the left sidebar, find the function to Transfer Collections. Select the transfer button.
  4. The new screen displays the list of all of your collections that will be transferred. After reviewing the list, select the Next button at the bottom of the dialogue to proceed.
  5. In the new screen, copy the link that is provided. Important: do not share this link with anyone unless you want them to take ownership of your collections.
  6. Log out of HathiTrust or open a new private browser.
  7. Log back into HathiTrust with the account you wish to transfer the collections to.
  8. After successfully logging in, paste the link that you had copied in Step 5 above into your browser address bar and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  9. The new screen prompts you to Review Transfer. Select Next to confirm the transfer.
  10. After the transfer is complete, select Done.

You can also follow these steps to transfer one collection at a time. Instead of starting from the list of all of your collections, open the collection you wish to transfer and follow the process above for that one collection. 


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