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June 30, 2020 - Yahoo login no longer available

Date of change: June 30, 2020
Outage: Yahoo login to HathiTrust will be removed
Impact: Users who previously created HathiTrust collections with their Yahoo accounts 
Due to service unreliability of Yahoo logins, on June 30, 2020, we will remove the ability for guest users to log into HathiTrust with their Yahoo accounts. Follow the steps below to reclaim access to collections you've previously built with your Yahoo account. 

Access collections previously built with Yahoo accounts

If you previously built a collection while logged into HathiTrust with your Yahoo email address, follow these steps to reclaim your collections. 
  1. In the Login screen, select the link to "Create a University of Michigan Friend account".
  2. You will arrive at a University of Michigan Weblogin screen that prompts you to request a friend account. 
  3. Enter your @yahoo.com email address in the field for "Your e-mail address" and select the Request button. You must use the same Yahoo email address that you used to previously create your collections in order to regain access to the collections. 
  4. You will receive an email at the address you entered. Click the link to "Create Friend account" in the email to finish creating your Friend account by setting a password.
  5. Return to www.hathitrust.org and select the Login button. 
  6. Search for University of Michigan in the dropdown menu under "Find your partner institution" and select the Continue button. OR Select the link to "See options to log in as a guest" and then select the link to login with a "University of Michigan Friend Account" on the login screen. 
  7. Enter your Yahoo email address in the "Uniqname or Friend ID" field and enter the password you previously set in the Password field. Select the Log In button. 
  8. You will arrive back at the HathiTrust website. 
  9. In the header bar, select the link to "My Collections." Review the list of collections that appear there and confirm that all your previously created collections are now available to you. If your previously created collections do not appear, contact feedback@issues.hathitrust.org.
Please note: Creating a University of Michigan Friend account will not give you any additional account privileges. This is a guest account only. Guest accounts allow you to create and share personalized collections. More instructions for creating and managing your University of Michigan Friend account can be found at the University of Michigan Information and Technology Services website
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