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December 2019 - New Features

  • Start Time: December 1, 2019
  • End Time: December 20, 2019
  • Outage: None
  • Impacts: All users

In the month of December, we added the following features.

Yellow button labels

When you open a book on your computer, you will now see yellow descriptor labels for many of the buttons in the book reader. These labels appear when your mouse hovers over the buttons and disappear when you move your mouse away. They describe what the various buttons do.

A screenshot of a book about “The Elephant.” Along the right side, a yellow label pops out from one of the icons, indicating that icon will allow you to “flip page scans.”


For librarians: “View HathiTrust MARC Record” button

Catalog records now contain a button that allows you to view the HathiTrust version of the MARC record. The HathiTrust record is derived from the MARC records submitted by the contributing institution(s) and contains fields specific to HathiTrust metadata management.

 the elephant as he exists in a wild state.” At the bottom of the record, a red box highlights the “View HathiTrust MARC record” button.




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