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October 28, 2019 - Upgrade: Responsive Website

  • Start Time: October 28, 2019
  • End Time: October 28, 2019
  • Outage: None
  • Impact: HathiTrust Digital Library access on smartphone or tablet; browser display on a computer

You can now access all HathiTrust Digital Library features, regardless of what device you’re on. This update makes the website more responsive to the size of your browser, on both mobile devices and computers.

On a mobile device, you can now:

  • Perform a Full Text Search (previously, only Catalog Search was available), allowing you to search within the text of all 17 million books in the HathiTrust collection
  • Perform advanced searches in both Full Text Search and Catalog Search
  • Build personalized collections
  • Read HELP documentation and learn more about HathiTrust
  • Share books and collections using the Share buttons
  • Experience performance improvements when reading books. Pages should load faster and without glitches, and additional options are available for interacting with book pages

On a computer, you can now:

  • Expand or decrease the browser window without losing HathiTrust book view. (Some sidebar content will not be available after a certain browser size to avoid obscuring the book. Access sidebar content by clicking the button with three lines in the bottom left corner. )


New Look for the Mobile Site

Screenshot of the updated home page on mobile

Above is a screenshot of the home page of the updated website on a smartphone, which now resembles the design of the home page on a computer.

Please send feedback and comments to feedback@issues.hathitrust.org.

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