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June 24, 2019 - New Feature: Expanded book view

When reading a book in the HathiTrust Digital Library, you can now enhance your reading experience by expanding the book page and entering a minimalist reading view. Click the arrow button at the top of the left sidebar to expand the reading view. In a screen reader or braille refreshable display, it is labelled as the "About this Book/Sidebar button" and will indicate whether it's expanded or collapsed. 

Screenshot of the title page from the book Abroad, by Thomas Crane and illustrated by Ellen Houghton, in the HathiTrust book display interface. The title page is a beautifully illustrated image of a train station. A mother and her five young children, dressed in Victorian style, are talking to a ticketing agent. Their baggage waits to the side, and two trains are depicted in the background. The book display is the default display, with a red box around the sidebar collapse button.

When the arrow button is clicked, the sidebar with different ways of interacting with a book is hidden, and the footer at the bottom of the page disappears as the scrollbar moves down. The resulting view is a clean and simple interface that allows you to read your book uninterrupted. Click the arrow button again to return to the usual book display mode. 
Screenshot of the same book as in previous image. The sidebar has disappeared.
This mode can be used in conjunction with the full-screen mode, which will expand the HathiTrust book display to fill your entire screen, not just your browser. Select the ESC button on your keyboard or click the full-screen button again to escape full-screen mode. 
Screenshot of the right side of the book display. A red box is around the full-screen button.
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