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HTRC User Community

HTRC serves a community interested in research and computational investigation of the HathiTrust corpus. Its primary audience is researchers and librarians from academic and not-for-profit research institutions, particularly HathiTrust member institutions, though affiliation with a HathiTrust member institution is not required to use most tools and services.

Accounts and Access to HTRC

Many, but not all, HTRC tools and services require an account on HTRC Analytics to access. Accounts are limited to those with research and teaching uses from not-for-profit and educational institutions.

After signing in to HTRC Analytics, researchers can:

  • Run a web-based algorithm against a collection of text from the HathiTrust Digital Library.
  • Create and manage an HTRC Data Capsule virtual machine for self-directed text analysis.

HTRC tools available without an account include HathiTrust+Bookworm and derived datasets, including the Extracted Features dataset.

Modes of Research

HTRC has a multi-level approach to facilitating computational text analysis. The tools and services range in accessibility and flexibility, providing a suite of options to meet the range of preferences in the user community for how they interact with text data and how much control they have over their workflows. The tiered modes of research include:

  • Derived datasets
  • Web-bases analysis and visualization tools
  • Secure compute environments called Data Capsules.

Read a brief overview of the HTRC collections and tools or make use of the documentation, which includes tutorials.

Is There a Cost?

HTRC provides a set of core services that are available at no cost (described above). Additionally, advanced support is provided through a periodic competitive awards program called Advanced Collaborative Support.

HTRC’s mission serves a range of uses and users, with priority given for HathiTrust members.

If HTRC services do not meet your research needs, please contact htrc-help@hathitrust.org to discuss your intended use.

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