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HTRC Background and Activities

The HathiTrust Research Center launched in 2011 at Indiana University and the University of Illinois after an RFP process initiated by HathiTrust in 2009.

During its first year, HTRC shared write-ups of its activities:

Subsequent reports were delivered to the HathiTrust Board of Governors annually.

Key activities

Technical development


  • Built HTRC Portal and implemented SEASR text analysis tools within it.
  • Developed a prototype Data Capsule secure compute system.


HTRC v.3
  • Integrated HTRC Data Capsule secure compute environment in the HTRC Portal.
  • Improved the HTRC Portal user interface and added the Workset Builder functionality.
HTRC v.4
  • Launched HTRC Analytics as an updated version of the HTRC Portal.
  • HTRC Extracted Features dataset v.0.2 and v.1.
  • HathiTrust+Bookworm visualization platform v.1 and v.2.

Program development

Grant-funded projects

Looking to the future

In January 2019 HTRC began the next phase of the Research Center. In this stage, HTRC aims to provide researchers consistent, reliable access to HTRC research environments, and to update those environments with new tools and enhancements. It also seeks to develop and implement a framework for migrating HTRC work to core HathiTrust environments.



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