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Features and Benefits

HathiTrust members participate in the development of a common good service while accessing unique services and programs that benefit their users. Members benefit from programs to find and open public domain materials, to expand access to U.S. federal publications, to develop a distributed, shared network of print collections, and to develop services that support text and dating mining research. All services are based on the collection, the largest set of digitized books managed by the academic, research, and library community under the aims of scholarly, not corporate, interests.

Member Benefits

Long-term preservation and access 
for digital collections contributed to the digital respoitory

  • Unlimited deposits for collection materials at no additional cost

  • Long-term commitments on digital content facilitate decision-making about digitization efforts and print collections management

Ability to download complete works in the public domain or made available through open access

  • Non-members:  reading access only, page download

  • Members:  full viewing and downloading abilities for public domain materials and materials for which we have received permissions

  • NOTE: Due to copyright law, with the exception of titles available via ETAS (below), we are not able to permit reading access to any copyrighted materials, even materials contributed from members' own collections.

Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) is available by application to eligible libraries permitting temporary, emergency access to copyrighted titles when corresponding print titles in the library's collection are restricted from access due to helath considerations.

Accessible Text Request Service for users who are blind and/or print-disabled. See  Accessibility  for more information.

Guaranteed physical access to print works retained in shared print program and holdings analysis by request.

Preferred access to advanced HathiTrust Research Center computational services.

Participation option for HathiTrust's Shared Print Program, which at 5.4 million monographs, is one of the largest collections in North America.

Yale University Library has made available its working group report on the costs and benefits of membership in HathiTrust, which we recommend for detailed analysis.

The How to Join webpage lists the items and information required for membership.  Watch this video overview of HathiTrust and its benefits.

Content Storage

HathiTrust is engineered to provide efficient and effective storage for the terabytes of digital materials contributed by member libraries. Its robust technological infrastructure facilitates a new means of collaboration and resource-sharing among institutions of scholarly research. Read more about HathiTrust Technology.

Preservation Services

HathiTrust provides secure, reliable, long-term preservation for deposited materials. HathiTrust members are committed to compliance with current standards and review process for digital preservation. See Preservation for more information.

Access Services

Bibliographic and full text search are available for all volumes in HathiTrust. Public domain volumes are freely accessible to the public and can be downloaded in their entirety with authentication by persons affiliated with member institutions. See Searching, Reading, and Building Collections and  Data Availability and APIs for more information about access to HathiTrust and development APIs. For information about authentication to HathiTrust, please see  Shibboleth Login.

Availability of Bibliographic Data

HathiTrust offers a variety of methods for getting repository records into your catalog. See  Data Availability and APIs for more information. 


Membership in HathiTrust offers member institutions the ability to shape the development of new services through participation in HathiTrust working groups and committees, and HathiTrust  Governance

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