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HathiTrust Community on Slack


As of March 23, 2023, the main channels of the HathiTrust Community Slack are no longer active or monitored. The HathiTrust User Support teams channels remain active.You can read more about this change in the March newsletter. 


With so much of our professional lives moving online in 2020 and our increasing need for community and interdependence in the library world, we want to help you connect with other HathiTrust members from 200+ institutions. We decided on a platform that’s growing in usage and with which you may already be familiar. Slack is free from the commercial spam and fake news of other social media platforms. The HathiTrust Community on Slack is for members only, allowing you to touch base with others deeply involved in HathiTrust services and programs, to swap best practices, get help from another member, or brew up new ideas together to keep us all thinking beyond our own library.

Guiding Principles for HathiTrust Community 

  1. The HathiTrust Community Slack instance supports informal conversation among members in areas of mutual interest and offers real-time interaction with research library peers around the world.
  1. Service questions or issues should be submitted to support@hathitrust.org. When appropriate, HathiTrust staff may redirect a Slack conversation or community member to this email address. 

  2. Be mindful to use the appropriate Slack channel or thread for the topic of discussion. This is a community dedicated to the HathiTrust member experience and related topics.
  1. Participants in the HathiTrust Community must adhere to the HathiTrust Code of Conduct: HathiTrust events provide an inclusive environment that welcomes inquiry, constructive criticism and debate, and candor. HathiTrust does not tolerate personal attacks, harassment of any kind, verbal or physical violence, or disruptive behavior. All attendees are expected to be respectful of our community’s diversity and generous of others’ views.  A full Code of Conduct and a complete process for handling reports of violations is in development. Until it is available, please bring concerns to us by emailing conduct-reports@hathitrust.org.

The HathiTrust Community Slack is NOT a place to find:
Technical or service support for the HathiTrust Digital Library or other HathiTrust services and programs. Service questions or issues should be submitted to support@hathitrust.org.

Who Can Join?

The HathiTrust Community on Slack is open to anyone affiliated with a member library. 

How to Join the HathiTrust Community on Slack

  1. Library professionals from member libraries are welcome to join. Please submit a request by emailing support@hathitrust.org.
  2. We will add you to the instance and you will receive an invitation from Slack. 
  3. Once you've joined, introduce yourself in the #introductionss channel with your name, preferred pronouns, institution, and a favorite item in the HathiTrust Digital Library.

There are a handful of Slack channels to get us started. If you’ve got an idea for another channel that you think would resonate with other HathiTrust members, email jbelle@hathitrust.org.

How to Use Slack

●      Once you get your invite and complete the joining process, jump on in and check out the channels! Ask a question about HathiTrust membership, post an idea, share something going on at your library.

●      Not sure where to start? Explore the tips and videos on  Slack 101.

The HathiTrust Community is open 24/7 for members to post whenever they have an inclination.


Slack: Your Data & Your Privacy

●      Email addresses are NOT shared in the HathiTrust Community Slack channel. You are welcome to contact an individual using a Direct Message in Slack to ask for contact information.

●      Slack follows application logging and user identification practices standard with most third-party applications in order to support the service. You can read more on how Slack collects, uses and discloses information, and what choices you have with respect to the information in their Privacy Policy.

●      By using this free platform, HathiTrust is bound to Slack’s Customer Terms of Service and is aware of the Privacy Policy.

●      As a “User” of Slack, you agree to certain User Terms of Service.

●      Read more on Slack’s data retention and privacy policies.

Slack: Accessibility

●      Avoid using GIFs and other image files as they may not be accessible to individuals using screenreaders or other assistive technologies.

●      The Slack website contains Slack shortcuts and keyboarding actions specifically for individuals requiring assistive technology


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